myHome™ Version 1.0

So you have played with Insteon and X10 Products. You have turned on a light or two with a remote....and now you really want to use all that hardware for the really cool stuff. Now with myHome, you can!


  • Turning On The Outside Lights Automatically At Sundown All Year (Daylight Savings or Not).
  • Create Complex Scenes Where All The Lights Go Out In The House, And The Family Room Lights Dim for Movie Night.
  • The Ability To See If The Garage Door Is Open From Your iPhone, And Then Closing It.
  • Have Your Computer Call Your Cell Phone, To Listen In, If Door Open Event Occurs (required application like Skype™)
  • Change Your Watering Schedule Using From You iPhone Calendar (Through MobileMe).
  • Having Your myHome™ Send You A Text Message, If The Hot Water Heater Springs a Leak.
  • Random Lighting Scenes While You Are On Vacation (vs. On Timers That Have No Variation).
  • And anything else you can dream of!

Features in myHome™:
MacOSX Native:
  • Cocoa Interface, PowerPC and Intel Processors, OSX 10.5 or Greater

Time/Date Support:
  • Daily, Days Of The Week, Days Of The Month, Time Of Day, Sunrise/Sunset

iCal Interface:
  • Use iCal To Schedule Events, .Mac Users Can Use iCal On Any Remote Machine (and iPhone) To Schedule Their Home Automation Networks

Web Interface:
  • View Status Of Your Devices And Control Them Through Any Modern Web Browser

Applescript Actions:
  • Control Other Applications On Your Macintosh.
  • Example:
    • Play/Pause your iTunes.
    • Use Skype™ To Call Your Cell So You Can Listen In
    • Use iChat To Call Another iChat Account To Watch Your Home
    • Any Applescript You Can Dream Up

eMail Interface:
  • Have myHome™ Notify You When Events Occur (Normal Email Or Send A Text Message To Your Phone!)

Reliable Automation Network:
  • myHome™ Constantly Monitors Your Insteon Network, Any Issues Communicating With Insteon Devices Are Reported

Advanced Settings:
  • Access Advanced Features of your Insteon Devices (ie. Use Your LampLinc To Turn On/Off Other Devices, Change The I/OLinc Device From Momentary Activation To On/Off, Etc)

Expanded X10 Usage:
  • X10 Devices Can Be Used Across MANY Scenarios...Controlled From Any Number Of Insteon Or X10 Devices

Supported Devices (and More Coming Soon!):
  • PowerLinc Modem (Serial and USB), EZX10RF, I/OLinc, KeypadLinc, LampLinc, RemoteLinc, SwitchLinc, X10 Devices

Screen Shots






Web Interface

Screen shot 2010-07-22 at 5.05.03 PM