Attention: 10/06/13

FlightCheck™ has been updated to work with the new iOS 7.0 from Apple. New Aircraft has been added, and we continue to encorporate your feedback to continually improve our products.

QSys Software is proud to release a new way to manage our flight calculations QUICKLY and EASILY.

With FlightCheck™ you have all the needed E6B criteria as well as Performance Calculations in a logically laid out iPad application.

  • Prior to flying? Just Select your Aircraft and Enter your station weights. Your Weight and Balance (W&B) calculations are done for you, and displayed graphically. With FlightCheck™, those W&B Calculations are automatically populated into your Take-Off and Climb Calculations.
  • Ready to TakeOff? Just download the METAR information for your airport and FlightCheck™ will combine the FAA airport database, your aircraft performance, E6B calculations, and our weather to automatically provide you all of the Runway Requirements and Climb Performance for your flight. (Most flights only require you to enter your airport in the search and final cruise table interpolation, no Density calculations, no conversions....just your data when you need it)
  • Leveling off for cruise? FlightCheck™ will help you set your Cruise Manifold and RPM Settings.
    • You Can Compare (POH) BOOK And Actual(s) Performance Without ALL Those E6B Steps.
    • You get all those winds aloft calculations done for you
  • Filing a PIREP? No problem … with FlightCheck™ all of the data will auto populate for you!
  • Ready to Land? FlightCheck™ Will Perform All Those Runway Performance Requirements For You!

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